Meet Our Suppliers


Having worked all her life in catering and hospitality Clare Rainey fulfilled a lifetimes ambition and  developed  her now famous kookycook range of pesto’s in May 2o12.  She began making pesto for friends and the business slowly grew.

Kookycook fresh pesto is made with a bunch of exceptional ingredients,most of which are locally sourced. Clare uses home-grown chillies, garlic and herbs (when in season), Broighter Gold rapeseed oil from Limavady, Co. L’Derry, Ballyrashane cheese from Coleraine, Co. L’Derry and Irish Atlantic sea-salt from Co. Cork.



Ruairidh Morrison and Melanie Brown returned  from New Zealand a few years ago to raise their young twins and start a new smokehouse business on the north coast of Ireland. Ruairidh had always had a notion to have a business smoking salmon—a lingering legacy from his time spent managing Salmon farms in both Scotland and New Zealand. Now, the North Coast Smokehouse is a reality!

They produce their smoke the old fashioned way, by simply burning small quantities of wood. They don’t use liquid-smokes, paints or dyes, instead the wonderful flavours and colours come from just the right combination of cure, smokiness, temperature, time and fresh sea air.

They have perfected their Smoke-Roasted Organic Salmon so that you will consistently find it to be the most delicious smoke-roasted salmon you have ever had…possibly even the most delicious thing you have ever eaten! The salmon is cured with Ruairidh’s special blend of pure sea salts, raw sugars, and relaxation, before being smoked and roasted over beech wood.

We use top quality local Glenarm Organic Salmon, reared according to the standards set out by the Organic Food Federation.